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ICD Clone

By: Olivier de Broqueville

Based on the development of Lothar Stolz. and the discussion initiated by Roger on the forum end of last year( see here).

March 2005


This project is not really a project but more an help to build a development tool. Surfing on the forum, I was interested by the discussion initiated by Roger about an ICD2 clone. It took me about 3 hours from reading the discussion to succeeding in the first connection to MPLAB. All components are common. No exotic ones. 


This is the original schematic proposed by Lothar. I made only some small modifications. Some 0.1uf capacitors were added to make the project more robust. The power supply was also adapted. I added two spare places for Zener in order to be able to use a standard 7812 regulator for the VPP. By modifying the voltage level of the ground pin of the regulator, it becomes possible to adjust quite precisely the level of vpp. Personally, I added 2x1N4148 (adds 1.2 volt). The 2 leds on RB2 and RB3 were also added .


PCB Here

Board Print in TCI3.1 format (see How To concerning PCB design to get and use TCI freeware)

Just some comments. 

PCB and Components

Component list

R1                                             : 100K   U1                                        : 16F876
R2                                             : 47K U2                                        : MAX232
R3, R4                                       : 22K RG1                                      : 7812
R5, R13                                     : 6.8K RG2                                      : 7805
R6, R14                                     : 2K2 Q1                                        :  20Mhz
R7, R9, R10                               : 330 ZD1                                      : Zener 5.1 or 4.7 300ma
R8, R11, R15, R16                     : 4K7 ZD2, ZD3                             : Optional zeners or 2x1N4148 to reach 13.2Volts
R12, R17                                    :1K D1, D2                                 : OA85 or BAT54,...
R18, R19                                    : 470                    T1, T4                                  : BC 547B or BC 548B
  T2, T3                                  : BC 557B or BC 558B
  BR1                                     : Bridge 40V 1.5A
C1, C2                                      : 22pf LD1,LD2,LD3                      : LEDs 
C3, C4, C5, C6                        : 1uF or 10uF depending on the type of MAX232 used  
C7,C10,C11,C12                     : 0.1uF Connectors: DB9 female, connector 5 pins and connector 2 pins
C8, C9                                      : 100uF 25V Supports for ICs

Adaptor / Adapter

For those who want to use the ICD as a programmer, here is a small adaptator you can add on the main board. It adds two ZIP supports able to load 40,28,18 and 8 pins PICs. This was not develop for this specific project. This is why you will also find a 8 pins "place" able to support a EEPROM.

PCB can be found here as PDF and as TCI file


Download MPASM from the Microchip site (free) and install it.

If you installed MPLAB with the default options, go to "C:\Program Files\Microchip\MPLAB IDE\ICD2" and retrieve the file "BL010101.hex"

Flash the 16F876 with this file

Connect the board to your PC and start MPLAB

Go to Programmer / Select Programmer / MPLAB ICD 2. 

There is an alternative. You can  flash the 16F876 with the file ICD661.HEX  (in place of BL010101.hex). It seems to solve some issues some people encountered with BL010101.hex. It  works fine at least with MPLAB 7.10

Possible errors:

If you get an error message concerning THE PORT, go to "settings" and change "communication" to the correct port. 

If you get an error message saying that the port is already in use (what happened on my computer because of Microsoft Activesync with RS232 com port activated) do as follow: <CTRL><ALT><DEL>, go to "process" and locate "wcescomm.exe". Terminate this process. Or better, deactivate RS232 com port access in Activesync.

If none of the following errors occurred you will have the following error message, as the 16F876 has only the  bootloader in memory.

Go to "Programmer / Download ICD2 operating system" and do it. It will take a few moments. Be patient.


ATTENTION: A small mistake in the text written on the copper side of the PCB indicates an inversion in the pins PGC and PGD. The pins of the target connector are as follow:

  1. Target MCLR
  2. Target PGD (and not PGC)
  3. Target PGC (and not PGD)
  4. VSS
  5. VDD

Olivier de Broqueville

March 2005

(Last update : 13/04/05)

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